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7 Benefits of Hosting Your WordPress Blog on WP Engine

7 Benefits of Hosting Your WordPress Blog on WP Engine

Hosting your blog on managing WordPress hosting platform is crucial to its success. Here are seven key benefits of switching our WordPress blog to manage hosting:

Saves Time
Maintaining various codebases on various servers is quite hectic. With managed WordPress hosting you can deploy our new WordPress blog in very little time and start publishing posts straight away.

Dedicated support
You get better service , the code bases are regularly maintained and updated by WP Engine which is quite better than any service and support provided by any service provider.

Less Site Downtime
Irresponsible sites may lead to financial losses due to reduced sigh-ups. It may also damage the reputation due to constant downtime. WordPress blogs are responsive by default and prove to be very stable.

Better Responsiveness – Better SEO
Having a responsive site has also helped with SEO rankings thus boosting Google rankings.

WP Engine is robust and secure and everything is always patched with the latest security updates, keeping our sites secure and away from vulnerabilities.

Free Staging Environment & Daily Backups
WP Engine’s staging allows updates to themes to be revised before being pushed out to the live site. Automatic WordPress backups and disaster recovery feature is also important in case of any disaster.

Bonus Tools and Features
Value added services like dedicated IPs, CDNs allow for rapid content delivery worldwide. This allows your content to be accessed anywhere on the globe without a time delay.
Lightweight and easy to use, WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system, trusted by some of the most popular websites online. Whether you want to create your own blog, e-commerce store, knowledge base or personal website, WordPress makes it possible with its simple and easy user interface.

The world’s most popular blogging platform, there are thousands of professional themes for you to choose from. Whether your WordPress site will be a blog, an e-commerce store, a knowledgebase or something else – there’s a theme that will work perfectly whatever you use WordPress for. Take a look at the sample gallery below.
7 Benefits of Hosting Your WordPress Blog on WP Engine

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