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Acquire a high online presence with cutting-edge WordPress plugins

Acquire a high online presence with cutting-edge WordPress plugins

Now-a-days, people are looking forward to make the online shopping from the relying stores, thus, there has been a remarkable boom with the e-commerce ventures. There are many popular brands that are doing a great business and even the internet has been proven as the great platform for the business exposure and products promotion. Using WordPress and many other plugins, one can easily develop an e-commerce websites to boost their business.

Top WordPress Plugins for online stores:
This is completely a features pack of eCommerce plugin which is built solely upon WordPress core functionality. There is a very compelling feature of Jigoshop that bestows an ability to support a plethora of product types such as downloadable products, physical goods and many other sizes.

Cart66 Lite:
This is an e-commerce plugin that is also best for a WordPress blog. It is not akin to other e-commerce plugins as it is highly powerful. Using this plugin, one can easily sell the digital as well as physical products. Employing multiple shipping and the currency options, it will aid your business to acquire an international edge. One can also place ads within any page and can bestow affiliate marketing in order to acquire the utmost profit.

eShop Plugin:
This is again a powerful plugin that allows creating an online shopping environment using the WordPress. There is a plethora of features that makes this plugin a distinguishable from all others. The user will also find various cool features such as plugin uses WordPress pages and the posts to design a product, shipping charges as per the weight, listing multiple products, configurable out of stock notification, compatibility with various gateways, many zone setting via country and other amazing features.

A plugin which is also known as Wordpess e-Commerce plugin and it is one of the genuine WordPress cart plugins sponsored by Instincr. Its core functionality is absolutely free and there are some crucial cart features as well that are reserved as premium extensions. There are also some boasted features including 100% customizability option and it keeps it highly contrasting against other similar options.

Woothemes has introduced a plugin namely; Woocommerce which is a well-known Custom WordPress Plugin Development service. It promises to offer really powerful e-commerce facilities along with elegance. There is a bundle of features that includes a dashboard widget so that you can easily check the progress of your business. The best part of this plugin is that it is customizable and it can be availed with multiple payment options such as Cash, Cheque, Pypal on the delivery and there are also many more options. Using this plugin, one can add variety of extensions.

YAK Shopping Cart:
Those who are looking for an open source shopping cart plugin, this is the best option. This is highly flexible and is also well-known for its simplicity. It will allow associating the products with the weblog entry; therefore, post_id will turn into a product code. A user can also avail the customizable purchase options including deposit, cheque, basic Google Checkout integration, basic credit card form, Paypal payments, standard Paypal integration and much more.

So, those who want to switch their existing website to a new online store, they can use these plugins as well as those who are planning to build an online store, they can also download. A user can also Hire WordPress Programmers for any kind of technical assistance or to avail a WordPress online stores with above mentioned amazing plugins.
Acquire a high online presence with cutting-edge WordPress plugins

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