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The Anatomy of a Great WordPress Theme Design Service

The Anatomy of a Great WordPress Theme Design Service

The past few years have seen significant changes in the WordPress theme layout. All these variations have made the people to forget the original theme of the WordPress. When we talk about the WordPress theme, it is made up of a group of consistent parts. With the WordPress platform, one can easily build a blog or create a website free.

Advantages of WordPress

Because of the numerous credits to its basket, WordPress theme design service is the most opt one in the website design and service industry. Some of the noted advantages are-

* It is considered as an elegant, smart and powerful website development platform
* It is fast, easy to use and helpful
* It is probably the best blogging platform
* Fully responsive to give an elegant display on any device
* Scalable and secure to handle
* Customised can be customised
* No specific design skills required

WordPress Anatomy-

The crucial parts of the WordPress theme are style.css, functions.php and several other kinds of PHP template file that includes header.php, footer.php and index.php


It dictates the visual appearance of the theme. There is also a comment section at the top of style.css where the theme name, author etc are registered. It is the main source of CSS styling. In this section, one does everything that is required right from choosing the fonts and colours to giving the theme the desired appearance. The experts say it is the only place where the maximum work is done to make your themes customised.


It is the place where one adds presentational functionality to the theme. Other than this, it is the place where other features like CSS stylesheet, JavaScript files, navigation menus, widget etc are added.

At function.php, a developer adds the functionality to the theme. The various functions include-

* Adding the CSS style sheets that include style.css and the JavaScript files
* Getting the nav areas and the widget areas registered
* Defining the image and the image size one needs to present on the website

PHP Template files

These can be classified into two types- “always-used” template files and the template files. In the “always-used” template files, we use section like header.php, footer.php and sidebar.php while in the template parts we consider the incomplete scraps pulled from other template files to reduce recurrence. The WordPress template hierarchy has sections like index.php and page.php

It determines the site’s mark-up. The bulk of the theme files are the PHP template files. functions.php is considered as the theme’s brain.

o header.php is the file that displays the header and navigation. It also contains the HTML and the code.
o sidebar.php as the name suggests controls the navigation and the scrolling of the file or the page. Multiple sidebars are set up in the functions.php and the contents of the widgets are set up from WordPress admin panel.
o footer.php has the instructions for the footer and closes the HTML tags
The Anatomy of a Great WordPress Theme Design Service

WordPress themes are the amalgamation of folders of template files, each controlling the specific piece of the theme. It is because of the WordPress that professional web design company in India have quite conveniently delivering the websites on time.

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