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WordPress Help For Email List Plugins

WordPress Help For Email List Plugins

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WordPress Help For Email List Plugins Are you looking for WordPress help which can help you to find and use email list plugins? Well, there are several online resources which will help you with the installation of the WordPress plugins along with their usage and troubleshooting. Email list is a very important aspect of blogging because it helps in retaining the visitors as well as attracting new visitors. Mailing list is one of the best sales mechanisms which can be used to generate profit for small scale businesses. There are several online resources which provide information on the best plugins for email lists.

This article provides a brief list of the most popular email list plugins available for the WordPress users. WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin: This is a free plugin capable of setting up mailing list within a blog. The plugin is known for allowing scheduling of emails, inclusion of customized subscription form. The plugin is known for not using third party plugins. This plugin also allows the bloggers to use their own mail server. Installing the plugin may not be easy and hence, the online help resources can become handy. ALO EasyMail Newsletter: This plugin is more or less similar to the WP Autoresponder and Newsletter plugin. There are some additional features of this plugin. The WordPress help resources can help you to understand the functionality and the features of the plugin. Installation and troubleshooting of the plugin are also included in the help manual. This particular plugin is capable of pulling blog posts and sending them as newsletter. Sendit: There are two separate versions of the this plugin, which are pro and basic. The basic version is available free of cost and it is capable of sending emails in XHTML format.

Additional features are available for the pro version but the users need to purchase the plugin. However, the help resources provide an extensive explanation of installation, usage and troubleshooting of the pro version of the plugin. MailChimp Widget: This is a small plugin which helps in integrating the blog to the server of MailChimp Email List system. This is a paid service but free services are also available. If you are dealing with mailing lists which are light, it is always wise to use the free version which has limited functionalities. If you use the paid services, you may have to follow the installation and usage instructions to be able to use all the functionalities of the plugin. No one can deny that mailing list or email list of the most crucial factors of success over the internet. It is especially important for small and home business which depend heavily on the internet. Most of the bloggers now make use of WordPress as their blogging platform and hence, they need to use the various mailing list plugins. Even though the user interface of these plugins are friend, using online resources for WordPress help to understand the technical complexities behind the apparent simplicity always remains a plus for the bloggers because they can avoid unnecessary expenses.
WordPress Help For Email List Plugins

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